Krugloye District Executive Committee

Address: 34 Sovetskaya Street, Krugloye, 213188
Reception phone number: + 375 (2234) 79-700
Press service: + 375 (2234) 79-700

Hotline phone number: + 375 (2234) 79-593

Working hours:8:00-17:00, lunch 13:00-14:00

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Shopping and hotel complex Izumrud Sovetskaya Street in Krugloye Krugloye District community center
Shopping and hotel complex Izumrud
Shopping and hotel complex Izumrud
Sovetskaya Street in Krugloye
Krugloye District community center
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To customers including small businesses

The list of companies of the Krugloye region which offer their products to customers including small businesses:

The Krugloye Flax Mill was founded in 1938. Its annual output exceeds Br900 million. The company employs 105 professionals. The company processes rotted straw into long and short-fiber flax. The company processes up to 3,000 tonnes of stock and produces 840 tonnes of flax fiber.

The company is committed to building up the production and technical potential, preserving workplaces, improving the quality of products and increasing the output. The company is working hard to make its products more competitive. The company has installed new conveyers for long and short-fiber flax production and acquired equipment for long-fiber flax mechanic cultivation.
The company has certified its products in line with the ISO 9000 international standards.
The Krugloye unitary public utility company “Bytuslugi” provides services to the population in accordance with the requirements set out in the social standard acts. The company has been working on expanding the list of services, introducing new services, improving the quality of services and reducing the delivery time. The company provides sixteen types of services.

The company employs 35 people.

The company includes:

  • A furniture repair shop;
  • A tire fitting shop;
  • A dressmaking and tailoring establishment;
  • A shoe-repair store;
  • A hairdresser’s;
  • A photographer's parlor;
  • A woodworking shop;
  • A sector for making reinforced concrete products;
  • A farm produce processing section.

1. Address:
26 Sovietskaya Street, Krugloye, Mogilev oblast, 213188

2. Inquiry desk
Phone/fax (8-02234)  51 486

3. Reception:
Phone/fax (8-02234)  51 486

4. Management:
Evgenia Bobkova – director
Phone/fax (8-02234)  51 486

5. Chief accountant:
Yekaterina Shevtsova
Phone: (8-02234)  51 404

6. Sales department
Yelena Kulko – deputy director
тел. (8-02234)  51 404

7. Procurement department:
Yelena Kulko - deputy director
Phone: (8-02234)  51 404

8. The company produces:

  • Garment:
    -Warm jackets and trousers
    -Customized tailoring
  • Funeral parlor:
    -Precast concrete products
    -Pavement edges